NYC-day 2- first impressions

So having arrived in more or less one piece, day 2 involved getting a sense of my new space for the next two weeks. Lucky for me, I was meeting up with my friend Leah who was three weeks ahead in her journey of discovery, so heading to some iconic and relative spots was easy peasy under her guidance!
After buying my first metro pass (from a somewhat confusing machine, we jumped on the subway (wasnt so different to a Melbourne train) and headed to grand central station in search of a greasy brekky fry up. Unfortunately we only found a whole bunch of places not ready for business and an overwhelming urge to take photos! ( just realised the are all on
My other camera which is yet to be dl’ed)
We did finally find food, brekky no. Consisted of French toast and bacon ( I know! What was I thinking! Tasted pretty good though despite the calories I attracted just from

The rest of day was followed up with random wonderings into some amazing shops such as Anthropology, Marimekko, muji, the Lego shop plus somany more that I have already forgotten the names off. We saw the Flatrion building, ate burgers from the Shake Shake in Madison Square gardens, saw wild squirrels, popped into the NYC public library ( saw those lions!) and discovered that Bangkok was not the only place one could buy crazy cheap (crazy tack) bling costume fit for a ‘queen’! And finally finished the day with swollen tootsies, a wood fire pizza and a glass of lambrusco in a restaurant that was second ( but fab!) choice due to us being soaked to
the bone having forgotten our brollies and misjudging the actual distance to restaurant choice no.1! Phew! Big day! And only 13 more to go!!








NYC-day 1- the airport

So today, after a wait that seemed longer than possible, I take off to NYC for my first ever visit to the American continent! I’m sure there will be many a photo of all things fabulous and vintage, so do keep your peepers open for all the goodness to come! I might even attempt some kinda day by day photo journal… Provided I find wifiby the bucket loads which I’m assured will be easy peasy? Anyhoo, see ya all at the next post!


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Leah Tarlo….Iddy Biddy Teaser

I can’t tell you exactly what Leah will have at her sale but i can give you sense of her style through some old Instagram pics i took a year or so back.  To see more, you will just have to go!!!

Leah Tarlo ‘For One Night Only’ Jewellery show and sale in Perth!

My loverly friend Leah Tarlo, a very talented jeweller and fellow fabulous collector is having a Jewellery bonanza in Perth this coming Saturday, August 11th. As my travel buddie to New York City (in fact the reason i am going, she decided to go to celebrate a big birthday of hers and how could i miss an opportunity to travel with her on such a momentous occasion in such an intriguing city!) I am am full of support for this exciting event (and because she is a good friend and this is a great unmissable opportunity for you all!).

She is selling her amazing jewellery as well as other amazing things (did i mention she is a collecter? there is no compromising to the quality of amazing things she consistently has on offer when she does have a stall!)

Soo, i say get on down to this exciting will be at the Broadway Tavern, 88 Broadway, Nedlands, Western Australia…

Read on for even more juicy invite details!

And please, if you cant make it as i cant being on the other side of the country and all, forward this invite on to all the people you know who can! xx



Yayoi Kusama

(Image sourced:

Cannot wait to see her retrospective when i hit New York in 7 weeks! The count down is on!

The Olympic Rings in Pottery

I just have to share this super clever post by the guys of Little Owl Ski.
I love how even the W/German pottery are fully getting into the spirit of the London Olympic games!

Little Owl Ski

If you combine a garage full of West German pottery with the London Olympics, and a free afternoon… what do you get?





And the finished article:


Aidan was taking the pictures so I got the posing duty. I won’t go into detail, but suffice it to say, that my plan of just lying the pieces of pottery into circles was quickly vetoed by Aidan. Before I knew it, he’d got his bamboo cane and string out to measure out the circles properly.

Team GB seem to be picking up the pace – and the medals – in the Olympics in the last couple of days. Yesterday, although I was gutted for Victoria Pendleton and Jess Varnish, I was very pleased for the Men’s team. Not just a gold medal but another World Record?! Brilliant!

We’re off to watch British Sea Power at the Ruby Lounge…

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Another Etsy Update! New for August!

So, I’m starting to speed up a little bit with my Etsy posts, but still not as fast as i would like! I look at other peoples pages and see they have hundreds of listings, and here i have a mere 30! Alas, 30 quality goods, all lovingly added with as much detail as i can muster for you!

This week i have delved into a few collecting passions of mine and begun to post a some vintage pyrex goodies i have had building up in the space that once was open behind my desk (now i think it resembles a room from hoarders..eek, sorry H.!) Also in the mix are a few japanese retro teapots, one being the whole set, milk jug and all! I know very little about these ‘Made in Japan’ teapots other than the fact that they are the most amazing rich colours and are starting to take up space in my already cluttered home! I might make it a mission of mine to try and find out a little more about these gems..will keep ya posted! But until then, feast your eyes on these!!

All for sale at the click of the pictures! (will lead you to The Dusty Shelf Etsy Shop)


Camberwell Market Future Dates

Based on the success of our last Camberwell Market, The Dusty Shelf (that is Stacey and I and any of our friends who wish to join us.. hint hint) are heading back to the Camberwell Markets for three more exciting dates this September!

So grab your diaries and start counting your pennies as we shall be there on:

  • Sun September 2nd
  • Sun September 9th
  • Sun September 16th

And should i manage too organise myself, i might try and squeeze in a few August dates too (if the stars all align the right way and the i feel the urge to endure more icy melb mornings)!




Etsy Update: latest new items for sale!

All of these items are available for purchase at the time of publishing this post at The Dusty Shelf on Etsy!

Its as simple as clicking the item you love and following the prompts for an easy Paypal transaction! And dont forget to follow us, there are plenty more awesome treats to come! cheers!